How to know what's really happening


Author: Francis McKee
Editors: Mai Abu ElDahab, Maha Maamoun, Ala Younis

Copublished with Kayfa ta and Mophradat
Designer: Julie Peeters

56 pages, softcover, 9.6 x 14.8 cm

Available in English and Arabic

This is the third book in the Kayfa ta series, a publishing initiative of artists Maha Maamoun and Ala Younis. Each book in the series is a monographic essay commissioned in the style of how-to manuals that situate themselves in the space between the technical and the reflective, the everyday and the speculative, the instructional and the intuitive, and the factual and the fictional. In How to Know What’s Really Happening Glasgow-based writer and curator Francis McKee looks at various techniques for determining verity, from those of spy agencies and whistle-blowers to mystics and scientists.

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