Sidewalk Salon: 1001 Street Chairs of Cairo


Title: Sidewalk Salon: 1001 Street Chairs of Cairo
Artist: Manar Moursi

224 pages, softcover with three map inserts, 10 x 7.75 in.
Co-published by Kotob Khan (Cairo) and Onomatopee (Eindhoven), 2016

Combining Polaroid photography and Interviews with chair users as well as short pieces of fiction and poems inspired by the street chairs in English and Arabic, this book presents creative practices of design that occur on the sidewalk along with the unplanned interventions in the public space that give Cairo its distinctive character. Organized in two sections, walks and series, the book gives the reader a glimpse into our method of urban empiricism and our journeys on foot through the city, in which collaborators Manar Moursi and David Puig documented street chairs by indexing on maps the locations of the seats photographed.

In partnership with SAVAC and the Women and Gender Studies Institute, CDCC co-presented a talk given by Manar Moursi in conjunction with the release of this publication.

About the Artist:
Manar Moursi is multi-disciplinary designer and artist currently based in Toronto. A graduate of the University of Virginia’s undergraduate program of architecture, Manar also holds a dual Masters degree in Architecture and Urban Policy from Princeton University. In 2011 she founded Studio Meem, and also continues to publish regularly, participate in art exhibitions and conduct academic workshops.

Manar Moursi and David Puig spent three years collaborating on Sidewalk Salon, with Puig bringing extensive experience in writing, publishing and editing to the project and Moursi bringing her experience as an architect, designer and photographer who has worked on multiple projects on and rooted in Cairo.

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