L'Indécidable / The Undecidable Gaps and Displacements of Contemporary Art


By choosing “the undecidable” as the starting point for a reflection on contemporary art, this publication intends a new and critical perspective on art, the object, and its relationship to the world and contemporary reality. Here, the notion of undecidability describes a multiplicity of borderline zones obliterating the limits between art and non-art, artist and object, fiction and reality, aesthetic and political positions. In the postmodern cultural context, it seems clear to us that what we define as undecidable cannot be reduced to a single identity, territory, or fixed and unitary history. Relationships and shifts are foregrounded between objects, truths and certainties within a current artistic production that resists easy interpretation or predictability. Contemporary art’s concomitance with the every day and with life appears to be particularly destabilizing, such that current productions seem to suspend any definitive assessment that might attempt to circumscribe what is actually being proposed before us.

Editors: Therese St-Gelais

Contributors: Marie Fraser, Jean-Philippe Uzel, Patrice Loubier, Jocelyne Lupien, Joanne Lalonde, Therese St-Gelais, Vincent Lavoie

Publisher: Les éditions esse Montreal QC, CA 2008

296 pages, soft cover, colour, 220 x 160 mm
Bilingual book (French—English)

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