Publisher: Studio Museum In Harlem
ISBN 0942949218

The Studio Museum’s groundbreaking exhibition Freestyle (2001) identified a group of young artists who emerged as the next generation of indicators and pacesetters. Freestyle had an immense impact on the understanding of contemporary black art and this museum’s relationship to it. It brought into the public consciousness the concept of “post-black,” a term coined by Studio Museum Director and Chief Curator Thelma Golden. It identified a generation of black artists who felt free to abandon or confront the label of “black artist,” preferring to be understood as individuals with complex investigations of blackness in their work. Post-black art became a stance in this transitional moment in the quest to define ongoing changes in African-American art, and ultimately became part of the perpetual redefinition of blackness in contemporary culture. This widely debated idea took on a life of its own in the public realm not only in contemporary art, but also in popular culture and cultural studies.

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