Maake Magazine Issue 5 — SALE: 40% off at checkout


Editor: Yevgeniya Baras
Contributors:  Gaku Tsutaja, Dan Bainbridge, Jim Shrosbree, Erin Lee Jones, Mike Olin, Zuriel Waters, Polina Barskaya, Sue Havens, Danielle Orchard, Sacha Ingber, Gracelee Lawrence, Max Maslansky, Nat Meade, Jackie Tileston, Kari Cholnoky, Howard Fonda, Avital Burg, Helen O'Leary and Ryan Richey.

68 pages, full colour, 2017.

Issue 5 of Maake Magazine, curated by Yevgeniya Baras, Regina Rex, NYC.
With 20 featured artists, 3 Artist-Run features and full-length interviews, including 2 full-length interviews in the Conversations section.

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