Break Down Volume 1 Workbook #3 Sonic Meditations: Immersive Ecological Entanglement


Author: Brett Bloom / BKDN BKDN

Publisher: Auburn, IN: Breakdown Break Down Press, 2017
40 pages

The third BKDN BKDN workbook is for facilitating Deep Listening sonic meditations with others to individually and collectively experience immersive ecological entanglement. The publication is a tool for sinking in to relationships you have with the world around you, helping to bypass the ways you have been taught to limit or ignore the subtleties of the more-than-human world you are immersed in. This workbook has been developed over the past decade through many experiments in Deep Listening sessions that I have facilitated. Since first being exposed to Deep Listening, I was interested in how it could create empathies with the environment that I was not capable of before.