On Hell


Artist: Johanna Hedva
107 pages, paperback, 4.5 x 6.5 inches, 11.43 x 16.51 cm

Published by Sator Press, 2018
Second Edition 

On Hell transcribes a body broken by American empire, that of ex-con Rafael Luis Estrada Requena, hacking itself away from contemporary society. Johanna Hedva, author of "Sick Woman Theory," takes the ferocious compulsion to escape (from capitalism, from the limits of the body-machine, from Earth) and channels it into an evisceration of oppression and authority. Equal parts tender and brutal, romantic and furious, On Hell is a novel about myths that trick and resist totalitarianism.

Includes two bonus interviews.

About the Artist:
Johanna Hedva is a Korean-American writer, artist, musician, and astrologer, who was raised in Los Angeles by a family of witches, and now lives in LA and Berlin. Hedva’s practice cooks magic, necromancy, and divination together with mystical states of fury and ecstasy. There is always the body — its radical permeability, dependency, and consociation — but the task is how to eclipse it, how to nebulize it, and how to cope when this inevitably fails. Ultimately, Hedva’s work, no matter the genre, is different kinds of writing, whether it’s words on a page, screaming in a room, or dragging a hand through water.

About the Publisher:
Sator Press—and Satyr Press, an imprint—was founded in 2009 by Ken Baumann. For a decade it operated as a nonprofit that slowly and sustainably produced innovative literature with handsome, impeccable design. As of September 2019, Two Dollar Radio is pleased to carry on this tradition through the distribution of Sator Press and Satyr Press titles.

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ISBN 978-0-9832437-8-6

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