The Order of Things | Leif Low-Beer


The Order of Things or The Second Conference of the International Network of Personal Relationships (INPR) features new and recent work by Leif Low-beer (Toronto/Brooklyn), an artist who engages in a playful reordering of ideas, images, and expectations through the use of constructed, multi-part, and/or recombined compositions of drawings, collages, assemblages, and sculptural tableaux. The Order of Things is Low-Beer’s first solo exhibition in Canada.

Evincing a keen interest in the mark of the hand, the relationships between objects in space, and the active engagement of the viewer, Low-Beer’s work is an exploration of psycho-spatial potential, graphing social tensions and internal enigmas that often exist as an underlying narrative layer. However, Low-Beer seeks to transcend fixed ideas or storylines in his work, preferring to create opportunities for meaning that can evolve and expand over time.

The catalogue contains a Curatorial Essay and Artist Q&A. An exhibition checklist, full documentation of all the works in the exhibition, and artist/curator bio is also included.

Edition of 40


Leif Low-beer


Shani K Parsons


Softcover, perfect-bound


40 pages, 6" x 9" x 0.25", 15.2 x 22.9 cm



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